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Bully Power

Words and Music by: Don Rabalais,

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Oh….Get some Bully Power. (repeat 3 times)

1. There’s a kid at school who thinks he’s really cool.
But he bullys the others and that’s really cruel.
He’ll pick a fight and that’s not alright.
I go home sad almost every night.

I said to myself, hey it’s not my fault.
So I got up the courage to tell an adult.
They said to me don’t cry - don’t cower.
I’ll teach you how to have BULLY POWER! (Refrain)

2. It starts with knowing why the bully is bad.
Maybe your bully is really sad.
It’s not a good reason to pick on you.
But maybe your bully is feeling blue.

Problems at school or problems at home,
Even the bully can feel alone.
He has too much freedom or he’s maybe been burned.
The bully has lessons he hasn’t learned. (Refrain)

3. When the bully is there you don’t have to stay.
You can get up and move or just walk away.
You can join your friends or you can join a band.
Bullies don’t bully when you take a stand.

You can make your point or you can make a joke.
Stay cool and calm and tell the bully NO!
Don’t join the drama don’t create some strife.
Tell your bully to GET A LIFE! (Refrain)