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By Dr. Sylvia Rimm
with Dr. Eric Rimm; Foreword by Al Roker

Rescuing the
Emotional Lives of Overweight Children
What our Kids Go Through
and How We Can Help

Rescuing the Emotional Lives of Overweight Children
SR-501S - 240 Pages Softcover Book- $13.95

Dr. Sylvia Rimm shows the emotional toll in the epidemic of overweight children--the first book to take an in-depth look at the lives of these children. She explains how overweight children struggle in school, have lowered expectations for their future, have troubling relationships with peers and adults, exhibit more high-risk behavior, and are even more misunderstood by their own families.

Drawing on a national survey of middle school children, personal interviews, and case studies, Dr. Rimm outlines the ways that parents can make a positive difference in their children's lives.

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Endorsements for Rescuing the Emotional Lives
of Overweight Children

"Thankfully, Sylvia Rimm takes a measured, calm, rational look at a subject that has become a national obsession and almost hysteria. What is important is that we are raising children who are secure in their self-image and their lives as best as they can. I wish my parents had this book when I was growing up."
Al Roker, Co-Host, NBC's Today Show,
from the Foreword to Rescuing the Emotional Lives
of Overweight Children

"A brilliant clear-cut analysis of the nation's number one public health problem affecting our youth. Dr. Rimm's groundbreaking research shows us how the scourge can rob our children of a long and happy life. She illustrates, by graph and anecdote, how parents, friends, and teachers can be an effective force in solving this epidemic. She gives us clear-cut steps on where to start and stem the tide. Her approach is refreshingly pro-active. A MUST for anyone who has an overweight child in their family or classroom."
Zorba Paster, MD, clinical professor Family Medicine,
University of Wisconsin Medical School
public radio host of Zorba Paster On Your Health
author of "The Longevity Code" and
PBS Show How to Live a Long Sweet Life

“Sylvia Rimm reveals the true root cause of the rise in child obesity--emotional isolation from peers and family. Obese children are starving for love and acceptance."
Lauren Mellin, M.A., R.D., associate clinical professor
of family and community emdicine and pediatrics,
University of California, San Francisco
developer of the Shapedown Program
and author of The Pathway

“Dr. Rimm’s research is thorough, well-presented and poignant. She shines a bright light on the damage our society thoughtlessly inflicts on this emotionally vulnerable group, and ultimately gives hope and truly useful practical advice.”
David Ettenberg, Director, Camp Shane, Ferndale, NY

“This is a must read!”
Linda Welch, Founder, Camp Xcel, San Diego, CA

“Kudos to Dr. Sylvia Rimm, for bringing a voice to the emotional toll that children, who are challenged by weight, cannot raise themselves.”
Tut Gramling and Dan Dingmann, Co-Directors
Camp Endeavor, Wisconsin Dells, WI

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